Virtual Office

Cutting Edge Technology

Our fully integrated web-based system ties all critical processes together. Customer invoicing information is directly tied to accounting, and accounting is directly tied to payroll under one seamless system. And we provide automatic updates so you never have to spend any time or money maintaining the software.

Our experienced staff of professionals are dedicated to serving your needs. With Always Best Care, you’ll have no up-front expenditure in software, disaster recovery infrastructure, or ongoing expense for data storage or IT maintenance.

Web-Based Virtual Office For the On-The-Go Franchisee

Always Best Care technologies give our franchise owners a huge advantage over local competitors.
The vast majority of in-home care services in the US are independent, non-franchise providers that do not have the financial capabilities to utilize the sophisticated technologies ABC provides to our franchisees. The technology provided by Always Best Care enables franchisees to:

  • Run your entire operation with optimal efficiency.
  • Capture additional revenue streams including Medicare.
  • Maintain the highest levels of customer service with state of the industry quality control technologies.
  • Recruit, train, support, retain and continue to educate your staff of caregivers.